Building a Pond in Columbia

Building a pond or water garden in Columbia is a great decision and has a lot of benefits. Not only will you be improving the look of your property, a water feature can mask traffic noise if you’re located in a busy city and help add another level of calm and relaxation to your property.

Ponds are also excellent additions to the ecosystem of your yard. If you’re a homeowner who loves creating a green space for local wildlife, feeding birds and squirrels, your yard will be one step closer to your own private park.

When you’re ready to build your pond, it’s important to have a pond excavation team like ExcavateTN LLC on hand to do it properly.

Unique Ponds for Unique Clients

Everyone has a different idea for what type of pond they want installed in their yard. And, there are a lot of options when it comes to ponds.

At ExcavateTN LLC, we consider ourselves to be the pond contractors who care. Working together with our Columbia clients to determine which pond is the best for them is something we love to do.

Knowing exactly what you want from your pond will determine the depth we dig, levels, soil type, and more.

Fish Pond

Fish ponds only need to be about two feet deep, with koi ponds needing to be three. It’s important for these ponds to be kept clean so we don’t recommend a dirt bottom.

Natural/Wildlife Pond

You won’t be using any filter, pump or chemicals in a natural pond. Leave it to the insects and animals and enjoy its natural state. These ponds have a natural bottom, and can be dug as shallow or deep as you like.

Swimming Pond

Do you have a lot of land to work with? The difference between a pond and lake is that ponds can sustain rooted plants and lakes are too deep to do so. But your pond still needs to be 10 feet deep minimum. We’ll design and excavate a beautiful and creative pond, and make sure if you’re feeling like it you can even take a dip!

From ponds that are purely for clean and minimalistic decoration, to natural ponds that retain a clay bottom, we’ve worked to create all of these over the years.

Competitive Pricing

Starting to get ideas about your dream pond but worried about the cost? At ExcavateTN LLC we like to keep it competitive. Backyard pond construction doesn’t have to break the bank.

Columbia homeowners can expect to pay an average of $3,052 for pond construction, but at the low end may cost only $400.

Of course, this all depends on the size and style of pond.

It’s Time to Build Your Pond

We’re ready to get designing and excavating your pond, are you?

Pond building is an art, and when you partner up with the ExcavateTN LLC team to create your water feature, you’ll be investing in the quality we’re known for.

If you’re looking to have questions answered or would like to book a free estimate for services, give us a call today!